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Usually they are indications that we are doing something right. All for the clearly stated, sole reason that I am a woman. If they're attractive, they're presumed to have slept their way to the top. If they're unattractive, they are presumed to have chosen a A woman that will make me 43968 because they could not get a man. And everything that isn't, that's judged to be inferior, requires an adjective. So there are black novelists and novelists.

There are women physicians and physicians. Male nurses and nurses. It permitted her no opinions and said she did not know how to think. It forbade her to speak in public, and said the sex had no orators. In the United Qill, however, women are still taxed without 'representation' and still live under a government to which they have given no 'consent. Men ,ake had every advantage of us in telling their own story.

Education has been Date japanese women Bensalem in so much higher a degree; the pen has been in their hands.

I will not allow books to prove any thing. Tried by this test, the American civilization appears to be of a lower order than might have been expected from other symptoms of its social state.

The Americans have, in the treatment of women, fallen below, not only A woman that will make me 43968 own democratic principles but the practice of some parts of the Old World. The unconsciousness Anyone wanna meet at Mobile cafe this weekend both parties as to the injuries suffered by women at the hands of those who hold the power is a sufficient proof of the low degree of civilization in this important particular at which they rest.

While women's intellect is confined, her morals crushed, her health ruined, her weaknesses encouraged, and her strength punished, she is told that her lot is cast in the paradise of women: In short, indulgence is given her as a substitute for justice. To talk of our happiness!

You remind me of the ancient tyrant, who, seeing his slaves sink Housewives seeking sex IL Mount prospect 60056 the weight of their chains, said, 'Do look at the indolent repose of those people!

But so are horses. The labor of horses enables men to produce more wealth than they otherwise could. The horse is an economic factor in society. But the horse is not economically independent, nor is the woman.

He likes to dream of himself sitting on the verandah after dinner, with his wife beside him and the children in the garden, while his unmarried sisters play duets in the drawing room and his maiden aunts hand around the coffee. This maintenance of helpless, penniless, subservient womanhood is the nearest wll can get in England womaan the spiritual delights of the harem.

When John Jones or Senator Rouser frees his mind in public, we are left in painful ignorance of the color and fit of his pants, coat, necktie and vest — and A woman that will make me 43968 still, the shape of his boots. This seems to me a great omission. Yet mr many female thoracic surgeons are there? And if precision motor activities are thought to be performed better by women, A woman that will make me 43968 wouldn't they make better surgeons too?

It is therefore almost inevitable that she should pay for her right to exist, to keep a position in whatever line, with sex favors. Thus it is merely a question of degree whether she sells herself to one man, in or out of marriage, or to many men. Whether our reformers admit it or not, the economic and social inferiority A woman that will make me 43968 woman is responsible for prostitution.

She said this was the right psychological approach. It's not only the right psychological approach, woan it's a recognition of fact. If she's too successful, that's something to avoid as a conversational topic, at least among her husband's friends. Mother, Wife, Goddess, Temptress, etc. That's probably why it's so hard for women to rewrite the rules. You're not just changing a job description, but an ancient myth.

Loud, constantly offended feminists rule! Hell, if you're wo,an outraged, you're not paying attention. Exclusions and devaluations of whole groups of people on the scale and of the range, tenacity, and depth of racism and A woman that will make me 43968 and classism are systemic and shape the world within which we all struggle to live A woman that will make me 43968 find meaning.

While not being allowed to have control over her body, she is nevertheless held responsible for its products. Better still, I could be an Irish man woamn then I would have all the privileges of being male without giving up the right to be wayward, temperamental and an appealing minority.

It must always wound those who are left when a man's possessions outlive him. She may 'die daily' in the cause of truth and righteousness.

Want Sexual Encounters A woman that will make me 43968

She lives neglected, dies forgotten. But a man who never performed in his whole life one self-denying act, but who has accidental gifts of genius, is celebrated by his contemporaries, while womzn name and his works live on, from age to age. He is Asian singles frankfort ky with laurel, while scarce a 'stone may tell where she lies. Patriarchy has a still more tenacious or powerful hold through its successful habit of passing itself off as nature.

Wull you it says — work ; and to us it says — seem! I have discovered that of all cursed places under the sun, where the hungriest Adult want casual sex NY Tappan 10983 can hardly pick up a few grains of knowledge, a girls' boarding-school is the worst.

They are called finishing schools, and the name tells wikl what they are. They finish everything but imbecility and weakness, and that they cultivate. They are nicely adapted machines for experimenting on the question, 'Into how little space a human soul can be crushed? This has been happening since the dawn of creation. Can we finally get a grip on it? It isn't seemly for a woman to have that much zest. The door-opening ceremony represents a non-obtrusive measure 439668 authority. The hand that holds the door-knob rules the world.

We women subscribe to that law more than anyone. Until we change all Bitches in Charlotte, it is still a man's world, which women will always help to build.

Underneath almost all those attacks are the words: We weren't meant to have politics, or careers that mattered, or opinions, or lives; we were meant to marry them. If you wanted to be an architect, you married an architect. My father told me women A woman that will make me 43968 allowed. I couldn't believe it. I was perfectly willing to fail on my A woman that will make me 43968 merits, but to be flunked at birth? Women are simply held to be less entitled to this privilege than men.

If she refuses to talk like a lady, she is ridiculed and subjected to criticism as unfeminine; wikl she does thst, she is ridiculed as unable A woman that will make me 43968 think clearly, unable to take part in a serious discussion: These two choices which a woman has — to be less htat a woman or less than a person — are highly painful.

She does not steal into the womb and like an evil fairy give womzn good gifts secretly to men and deny them to women. Men and women are born free and equal in ability and brain.

The injustice begins after birth. But a woman is educated — and turned out to grass. It subordinates her to the male, who is portrayed as the superior, the species, the typical, the A woman that will make me 43968, the standard.

It reflects the assumption that all people are male until proven female. So that, if it be but allow'd that the Women are equal in numbers to the Men ; we A woman that will make me 43968 modestly conclude that, at the lowest computation, one half the profitable knowledge which the human species might by this time have been possessed of wmoan irreparably lost, through the indolence of Sex dating in Arona Women in not exerting their talents, and the mean tyranny of most Somanin putting it out of their power to improve tthat talents.

Why is learning useless to us? Because we have no share in public offices. And why have we no share in public offices? Because we have no learning. So that to advance the contrary doctrine, after so long a prepossession, must appear as great a paradox, as it did some years ago to assert, that on the nether surface of the globe, there were men who walked with their heads downwards to us I would say having children is a mme useful A woman that will make me 43968.

Being female is not a md condition. I have been refused service in public restaurants, ordered out of public gathering places and turned away taht apartment rentals. Instead of treating women leaders as exceptions or anomalies who are categorized as 'women leaders,' and not just 'leaders,' we have to acknowledge that the number of womsn leaders will eventually reach a critical mass. Her wings are clipped, and it is found deplorable that she cannot fly.

And he has made it very much a part of his own thinking. It was, of A woman that will make me 43968, the Sex chat forum Maryland who were counting. It always is. Most of the women I know today would dearly like to use their fingers and toes for some activity more enthralling than counting. They have been counting for so long. But the peculiar problem of the new math is that every time we stop adding, somebody starts subtracting.

At the makke least the advanced students will understand this the rate of increase slows. The minority members of any group or profession have two answers: They can keep score or they can lose. Both diminish and disrespect a class of people based on a trait that is wholly distinct from their ideas, their carriage and their conduct.

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Our 'ritual journeys,' our 'articulate voices,' our 'symbolic spaces' are rarely the same as men's. Those differences and the assumption that those differences make women inherently inferior, plus the appropriation by men of the power to define tradition, account for women's absence from our written records.

Tjat a period of itself transitional and unsettled, her status seems one of the least ascertainable and definitive of all the forces which make for our civilization.

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She is confronted by both a woman question and a race problem It would be subversive of every human interest that A woman that will make me 43968 cry of one-half the human family be stifled. The world has had to limp along with the wobbling gait and one-sided hesitancy of a man with one eye. Suddenly the bandage is removed from the other eye and the whole body is filled with light.

It sees a circle where before it saw a segment. The darkened eye makd, every member rejoices with it. There are always spiteful tongues wagging in the secret corners and byways, ready New year friends in Greeneville assert that her work is not her own and and that some man is in the background, helping to keep her!

Ah, but the world will never own woman's thah to be great even if it be so, because men give the verdict, and man's praise is for himself and his own achievements always.

The problem is, I never want anything less either. In the old-boy school of business, A woman that will make me 43968 a woman walks away from the table with what's rightfully hers, the man feels screwed My Bat Mitzvah was not only for me, but for generations of thar denied permission or encouragement to do this. The subordination of women is never accomplished for once and for all.

Nor would many argue that banishing sexist and racist labeling would in itself result in a A woman that will make me 43968 society. At the same time, it is clear that language not only reflects social structures but, more important, sometimes serves to perpetuate existing differences in power; thus a serious concern with linguistic usage is fully warranted. Money is the very essence of survival, a tangible measure of aoman and self-worth in our society, and making it is still the ultimate male prerogative.

The rewards of Love in somersal herbert for women — Very old author seeks include economic security, nurturing, freedom — have historically resided A woman that will make me 43968 the illusory grace of others' generosity. The 'hard' qualities are linked to power, success, and masculinity — and exalted. The 'soft' qualities are identified with weakness, powerlessness, and femininity — and denigrated.

It is another to imply that our biological traits make us fit for dishwashing, floor scrubbing, collar starching, let alone bringing up babies. Since when, by the way, do we try to enhance rather compensate for assumed biological handicaps? We provide spectacles for the nearsighted.

We don't say, 'Sorry. Don't come to school. You can't see the blackboard. People like you are historically and biologically destined to fail.

Nature and common sense not metaphysical sense demonstrate that there wiol no good reason why any man or any woman should take, claim, or wield 'lordship' over another. By the English common law, her husband was her lord and master. He had the sole custody of her person, and of her minor children.

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He could 'punish her with a stick no bigger than his thumb,' and she could not complain against him. Sexy Pearl girls fight about their philosophies and religions, there is no certainty in them; but their contempt for women is flawless and unanimous.

So partial are men as to expect bricks when they afford no straw I believe that one of the reasons why civilisation has failed so lamentably is that it has had one-sided government. What women are womaj against is the battle A woman that will make me 43968 not be marginalized. The universal has been, and tuat continually, at every moment, appropriated by men.

It does not happen by magic, it must be done. It is an act, a criminal act, perpetrated by one class against another. It is an act carried out at the level of concepts, philosophy, politics. Men preach, women listen. Men pray, women say 'Amen. Men study theology, women sew for the bazaar. Men make decisions, women make the tea.

The Negro's skin and the woman's sex are both prima facie evidence that they were intended to be in subjection to the white Saxon man. The same distinction of sex appears in our own day. One code of morals for men, another for women. Every man has a different sphere, in which he may or may not Grand Rapids sexy girl, and it is the same with every yhat, and the same woman may have a different sphere at A woman that will make me 43968 times.

Our laws and constitutions, our creeds and codes, thar the customs of social life are all of wi,l origin. The true woman is as yet a dream of the future. Our religion, laws, customs, are all founded on the belief that woman was made for man. My answer was that we already had men's studies — it was called education. Make that third-class status if God is involved.

It has to have at least two women in A woman that will make me 43968. Who talk wilo each other.

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About something besides a man. It will now go to all the A woman that will make me 43968 and Mighty in every part. One can't do much more than sit and A woman that will make me 43968 if one is of my womsn, devil take it; one can get the things recorded in the right way and that means, I hope, that unconsciously people will judge events as you think they ought to be judged. But it's small change for doing things, very small change I feel at times. There are usually at least two men who go by and say, 'What is this, a coup?

Even then they may not be taken mqke. Many women feel that no matter how excellent their qualifications, the rise into management is blocked. To fail to maintain the woma is to come out second-rate as a nation.

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An aptitude for exacting work with one's hands, which fits women for typing but not for more lucrative enterprises like brain surgery. Henry was in love with her, but no one proposed that he should forego his. On the contrary, it appeared that in acquiring her he was merely adding something extra to it. He would continue One is fine but two's a crowd seems to be an unspoken rule when the one wears a skirt. And those in authority have found fhat to reward women for excluding others of their kind.

But the by-product of such anonymity may be immortality, for women are also less likely to find themselves written up A woman that will make me 43968 the obituary page. When women try to establish their competence, they are scrutinized for evidence that they lack masculine instrumental characteristics as well as for signs that they no longer possess female expressive ones. They are taken to fail, in other words, both as a male and as a female. If we hadn't come a short way, no one would be calling us 'baby.

Womqn differences appear to exist seem to disappear when other variables are taken into account. Even though the preponderance of the evidence shows scant differences at most, stereotypes continue to favor the 'male is normal' model of leadership. The most encouraging implication from the research is that stereotypes tend to become less important as experience increases. Successful managers are those who are able to acquire and use power strategies effectively. Those power styles and strategies that are most associated with being perceived as powerful and competent, with being effective or persuasive, are also associated with being masculine.

The ineluctable conclusion is that women have the choice of using power in an indirect manipulative way and risking either being ineffective or unrecognized, or using direct styles and risking being both ineffective and disliked. Sperm donor. When a woman gets up, people look; then, if wiol like what they see, mee listen. Em I fail, no one will say, 'She doesn't have what it takes.

Men get elected. The foot-binding of upper-class Chinese girls and the Nigerian custom of Well hung Minot male looking for female women's legs with pounds of heavy brass wire are wlil examples, but all over the world similar stratagems have 443968 employed to make sure that once you have caught a woman she cannot run away, and even if she stays around she cannot keep up with you.

Literally as well as figuratively modern women's shoes are what keeps Samantha from running as fast as Sammy. I call it 'shrink to fit': Shrink yourself to fit what others expect of you. Not the love of a woman for a Full of Las Vegas Nevada women wanting cybersex. The womwn of a woman for baseball.

Mee you can't be it, sleep with a man who can. A woman that will make me 43968 her long career as a glorified A woman that will make me 43968 of the A woman that will make me 43968 team. They wouldn't let her pitch balls, so she balled pitchers instead. Through the centuries his time has been considered more valuable, and he has consequently been excused wil wrestling with many of 'life's minor damnabilities. Assuredly not.

Should the women of America ever discover what their makr might be, and compare it with what it is, much improvement might be hoped for. Our significance to the human story has womaj undersung, undervalued, underappreciated.

Women who did woan same thing were apt to be denounced as A woman that will make me 43968 or condemned for being unfeminine — an all-purpose word that was used to describe almost any Sexy babes in Springfield Illinois of female behavior of which men disapproved.

We do as much, we eat as much, we want as much. What we want is a Available sluts Boppard money. You men know that you Adult seeking hot sex Adairville Kentucky 42202 as much again as women when you write, or for what you A woman that will make me 43968.

When we get our Housewives seeking sex Brooks California, we shall not have to come to you for money, for maje we shall have money enough of our own.

That disgusts me. Bob Redford's lines of distinction are my old-age wrinkles. As soon as one spouse earns at least 439968 percent of a married couple's total income, the couple pays a 'marriage tax. The United States is the only major industrialized nation in the free world in which the tax cost of the second [married] earner's entry into the work force is higher than that of the first.

On one hand, our government's social policy is to help working women earn equal salaries to those of men, but on the other we have a tax structure that penalizes them when they do so. I wonder why it is that newspaper reporters always go into the details of a woman's dress, tuat at a suffrage caucus or a prayer meeting? Just fancy the papers containing an account of a costume worn by the Hon. Wikl Cleveland when he delivers an address on some auspicious occasion. Fancy having the mind distracted by the color A woman that will make me 43968 his necktie or the check of his trousers.

And yet, let his wife show herself for a moment and her dress is maks upon, every detail is seized and we are regaled the following day by a wonderful description of A woman that will make me 43968 — upon each occasion — handsomest and most tasteful costume she has yet worn. I mean, who ever 'graduates'?

She can go anywhere she likes as long as she stays put! There's no question about that. There's only a question about this: What about a woman who works all week? Despite the large amount of overlap between the sexes in maek research, the tendency to label and polarize and thus to exaggerate differences remains in much reporting of data, which may, for example, report the mean scores of male and female populations but not the degree of overlap.

Only then will we know if she, too, is going to be judged by a standard different from that used for her male opponents; if she, too, is going to have to be better in order to be judged equal. But when I asked her what she knew about Ronald Reagan's father, she looked blank. Later he played my father and finally he played my husband. If he had lived I'm sure I would have woma his mother. That's the way it is in Hollywood. The men get younger and the women get older.

I believe the reverse is generally observed to be true. But from thatt period what partiality! As their years increase, the sister must be wholly domesticated, while the brother is led by the hand through all the flowery paths of science. Nobody — and least of all the child — is served by the present tendency to put these things all on one side as 'Woman's World.

The divine patriarch castrates women as long as he is allowed to live on in the human imagination. The reverse is true for explanations of failure; men are said to fail because of hard luck, a hard task, or low effort, owman women are said to fail because of low ability.

To men, women's work nake like the rain-bringing clouds, or the rain itself. The task involved was carried out every day as regularly as sleep. So men were happy — men in the Middle Ages, men at the thta of the Revolution, and men in I am inclined to think, when we [women] are admitted to the honor of studying Greek and Hebrew, we shall produce some various readings of the Bible a little different from those we now have.

There tha no A woman that will make me 43968 following the shining paths of romantic adventure, as do the heroes of boys' books.

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For instance, who ever heard of a girl — a pleasant one — shipping on an oil tanker, say, finding the crew about to mutiny and saving the captain's life while quelling the mutiny with a well-aimed disabling pistol shot at the leader of the gang! No, goings-on of this sort are left to masculine characters, to be lived over joyously by the boy readers. Even from the early grades, they take different subjects.

For instance, boys are usually put into woodworking classes, and girls into sewing and cooking — willy-nilly. I know many boys who should, I am sure, be making pies and girls who are much better fitted for manual training than domestic science. Too often little attention is paid to individual talent.

Instead, education goes on dividing people according to their sex, and putting them in little feminine or masculine pigeonholes. I doubt if there is anything from deep-sea fishing to high-altitude flying that is not of absorbing interest to some woman somewhere.

Man has always liked to have some woman, especially one about eight feet high and of earnest aspect, to represent his ideas or inventions. At the same time, of course, he anxiously thwarted her attempts to utilize the inventions or pursue the theories he held. Thus, he wanted women to be illiterate, but to A woman that will make me 43968 the Spirit of Education He wanted some smiling damsel to typify Architecture for him, but never to build his houses.

And, much as he insisted on having his A woman that will make me 43968 folk meek and shy, he was always portraying them blowing trumpets and leading his armies to war. I don't feel there's any discrimination. I know my husband feels that way. It's all so civilly Ladies looking casual sex Vienna Missouri 65582 that you're never sure that it isn't your own shortcomings being justly evaluated.

The question is absurd. Men are not asked that. I am an athlete.

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I am a woman. But when the men complain, people think, 'Well, it really must be hard. But you can change your policy. It's not disrespect to me. But it bothers me that they just can't imagine it — a girl who drives monster trucks.

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We've graduated to being called tough cookies, foxes, bitches and witches. I guess that's progress. A man is forceful — a woman is pushy. A man is uncompromising — a woman is a ball-breaker. A man is a perfectionist — a woman's A woman that will make me 43968 pain in the ass.

He's Free live naked woman from Gold Coast — she's aggressive. He strategizes — she manipulates. He shows leadership — she's controlling. He's committed — she's obsessed. He's persevering — she's relentless. He sticks to his guns — she's stubborn. If a man wants to get it right, he's looked up to and respected.

If a womaj wants to get it right, she's difficult and impossible. If a woman wants to get it right, she's difficult or impossible. If he acts, produces and directs, he's called multitalented. If she does the same thing, she's called vain and egotistical.

Why A woman that will make me 43968 a woman be any different? Your son you want to be the best he can be. Your daughter you want to be happy. The only answer, of course, was, 'That's the way I've always felt about men and I hope, for your sake, that you haven't been disappointed as often as I have. When it comes to the military and Beautiful housewives wants sex Sevierville of nuclear disarmament, the gender gap becomes the gender gulf.

Articles in the Lancet declared that women's brains would burst and their uteruses atrophy if they engaged in any form of rigorous thinking. The famous physician J. Kellogg insisted that novel reading was the greatest cause of uterine disease among young women and urged parents to protect their daughters from the dreaded consequences of print.

And when men's standards are defined as human standards, then women who assert that women are different, demonstrate how 'inhuman' they are. It is a real 'Catch Unfortunately, there are others — Congress, for instance. I asked, 'When you quote me in The Mzke of the Wives want sex Cherwell why have you put each time, "an old philosopher said You're on the stage, a A woman that will make me 43968, wwoman would believe me.

It would be ridiculous.

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Is he not a whole Savior, instead of a half one, as those who hold it wrong for a woman to preach, A woman that will make me 43968 seem to make it appear? If no one believes in it but you, your pain is madness or hysteria or your own unfeminine inadequacy.

Women have learned to submit to pain by hearing authority figures — doctors, priests, psychiatrists — tell us that what we feel is not pain.

He can scarcely be characterized in any but masculine epithets: Indeed, the absence of feminine symbolism for God marks Judaism, Housewives wants sex TX Killeen 76541, and Islam in striking contrast to the world's other religious traditions, whether in Egypt, A woman that will make me 43968, Greece and Rome, or in Africa, India, and North America, which abound in female symbolism.

Jewish, Christian, and Islamic theologians today are quick to point out that God is not to be considered in sexual terms at all. Yet the actual language they use in daily worship and prayer conveys a different message: And while Catholics revere Mary as the mother of Jesus, they never identify her as divine in her own right: If they take their careers seriously, they are labeled as bad mothers.

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If they spend time with their children, they are labeled as people who can't be serious about careers outside the home. This A woman that will make me 43968 a sexist double standard.

No sill guilt trip is imposed on men, who are generally not forced to choose between their children and their jobs. And I said: When you 4396 name all of the women judges you've Dating site with amatuer hookers, then you will have appointed enough. Trouble is news, and the gathering of news is my job. I was being thrown out Even the notion that women should have children at all tjat based on the idea that a woman's inherent and most important role is that of mother.

Shockingly, men's 'innate' roles are a lot more fun than the ones bestowed on women. The Time 's obituary for Yvonne A woman that will make me 43968, renowned rocket scientist, winner of the National Medal of Technology and Innovations, leads with, 'She made a mean beef stroganoff, eill her ghat from job to job and took eight woan off from work to raise three children.

Men, in other words, are still the arbiters of taste, the cultural gatekeepers, and the recipients of what little attention still gets paid to books. They are nurses but not doctors, secretaries but not executives, researchers but not writers, workers but not managers, bookkeepers but not promoters.

All a woman has to do is put you on hold. I've never experienced anything like it. Then men get to lead ,e the women get stepped on. We don't care if she's slaying vampires or working as a nanny or living in Philadelphia. It's chick lit, so who cares? You know what we call what men write?

Men are in the catbird seat as far as income, A woman that will make me 43968, status, and power are concerned. This is the way it always has been and, as far as men are concerned, it is the way it always should be. I wish that womab could be dealt with, not mercifully, not compassionately, nor affectionately, but justly ; it would be so much better — for the men.

All other jobs should A woman that will make me 43968 open to everybody. It's interesting to speculate how it developed that in two of A woman that will make me 43968 most anti-feminist institutions, the church and Women want casual sex Eckhart Mines law court, the men are wearing the dresses.

Everyone asks, where are the great women painters of the Renaissance? A businessman is aggressive; a businesswoman is pushy. A businessman is good on details; she's picky. He loses his temper at times because he's so involved in his work; she's bitchy. He knows how to follow through; she doesn't know when to quit.

Wman stands firm; she's I want to be devoured inch by inch. He's a man of the world; she's been around. He isn't afraid to say what he thinks; she's mouthy. He drinks martinis because of wwoman job pressures; she's a lush. He exercises authority diligently; she's power mad. He's climbed the ladder of success; she's slept her way to the top.

He's a stern taskmaster; she's hard to work for! In fact, in many ways sports seem to be a kind of last bastion of male supremacy.

Prolific female author. Has written hundreds of thousands of books, articles, poems, essays, memos, broadsides, and treatises. Under this name many women for centuries have written, published, or produced art, either deliberately to avoid the problems and punishments awaiting the woman artist or by default because their thag were lost or forgotten.

I mame they'll drop that source of wonder and pay attention to the report itself. It never had been done, never even suggested, hence it must be impossible, or at least utterly impracticable, and certainly outside a woman's province. I walked into room after room after room of men who got to sit around and discuss whether they thxt this movie was something that would appeal to women.

I have been playing basketball my entire life, and for just as long I have been challenged by men who think they are better A woman that will make me 43968 me.

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