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2 awesome guys for 2 girls

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This is how I kick off just about every one of my often v dramatic stories. The phrase demands attention. It heightens the anticipation. I love 2 awesome guys for 2 girls. Tbh, my first reaction is no. We have way more important things to worry about… like the wage gap, control over our health and bodiespervasive sexismrape cultureactual rape… I could go on.

It got me thinking. I learned that male is the default. Language rules our communication and thoughts. The male generic is pervasive, even when gender is irrelevant.

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Women get cutesy modifiers and are called wait resses and act resses. Fuys about people who are gender non-binary? This linguistic equation implies that non-males are inferior.

The hierarchy is linguistically reinforced to us many times a day, every day, for our entire lives. And ya, we internalize that shit, it adds up, and we start to believe it.

We see the world, and live our lives, through a male-centric lens. Neither were suits.

Nor short haircuts. High heels. My point is, even gender neutrality has a masculine tilt. Gender neutrality means neutrality in every direction. But sexism is systemic, and in order to achieve equality and respect for all genders, we have to change the male generic. Your email is never published gyus shared.

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2 Girls 2 Guys -

I say guys all the time just to refer to a group of people. We just use it that way.

How else could they possibly obtain meaning? You guys is a phrase I abhor. I fight back back using you girls in my responses when interacting with people.

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I find being erased by language just another tool giving the power to all things male. Thank you!!! Women in the US have not even had the right to vote for years, and sexism still runs rampant throughout the world. Why are we as women not willing to defend equality in speech? English has always been a gender neutral language, unlike 2 awesome guys for 2 girls, for example, where a group of one million women and just one man would be spoken to with masculine articles, adjectives and collective nouns.

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Why are we women willing to let ourselves be erased? What then?? Also clunky. Let me know. If you guys is gender neutral then why not take it further by calling everybody men, gentlemen, dudes, brothers, fellows and males???

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What if is two people, a male and a female. Neither of your suggestions work. What does? Not a guy in sight there—except of course the emcee. Wait staff taking your ror I actually caught myself about to say just that and stopped and considered if it would be offensive to anyone. Turns out it is. For now. Oh my! As humans, we 2 awesome guys for 2 girls the privilege of using that phrase, as we do not have to worry about being eaten Ladies wants sex MN Winthrop 55396 dominated by another species…….

See how stupid this whole thing is? Stop trying to police language.

Okay, GUYS? That works for now but what happens when the vegans or PETA or next group of whatevers get offended by that little saying because it offends the animals or people who love them? The point is people are so easily triggered or offended by every little thing lately. Faith in you fellow humans…. Taking 2 awesome guys for 2 girls to the word guys is another example of why trump won Reply Cancel.

Is the phrase "you guys" gender neutral? The terms “girls”, “women,” and “ ladies” aren't the opposite of “guys” and . NorthDecember 28, - pm . Saying that we shouldn't say a word without giving an awesome. Category 2 Guy - One of the three categories of guys who traditionally got women . Category 2 Direct Vouch - A positive statement about you from a female friend of yours to a female friend of hers. An example is He is really awesome!!. / Live Girls Talk About Guys' Dating Profiles. As/Is Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos!

If we indeed need a term to differentiate singular and plural, why is it accepted that a female should be greeted as a guy? People and folks are 2, if you want to get more creative, dictionaries and google are made available if you search for them.

2 awesome guys for 2 girls

Thank you. I agree. Guys, is an overused and improperly used term. What happened to Ladies and Gentlemen?

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I feel people became lazy and chose the seemingly dominate gender when addressing both genders. I am a woman and have fought hard to be treated equal…. Could not agree more! And then we mucked that one up. In the prioritization of gender inequality issues, equality in speech has been relegated to the Windsor swingers club, unfortunately the educated and powerful use language as a strategic to to indoctrinate and oppress!

Even within the feminine vernacular we need to insist that females only have one descriptor ie Ms. Men are addressed Mr. I totally agree that guys 2 awesome guys for 2 girls not gender neutral. The word guy is another word for man, still commonly used, so the plural is no different.

Usage matters for sure but usage should be challenged 2 awesome guys for 2 girls there is yet more potential for male-centric language to become the norm.

I try to not use ofr word, it feels weird to call groups of women and men 2 awesome guys for 2 girls. I decided today to start questioning the use of it at work and see what others think. To help me I Free sex in Mobile online to see whats being said about it and found this discussion.

Chris Reply Cancel. There is some validity understanding that language carries with it some degree of social prejudice. But it is not the end all. Today we live in a world where the lens is more important than the content or the virls. This is how Critical Theory went from being a girld useful tool to an all-destroying social weapon of mass destruction.

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